入学测试 is required for all applications.
Westminster will offer on-site ISEE测试s for grades 5-11 on the following dates at 8:00 a.m.:

  • 9月24日星期六
  • 10月8日星期六
  • 10月22日星期六
  • 11月5日星期六
  • 12月10日星期六
  • 2023年1月21日,星期六

一旦申请了, the 入学 Office will contact you with the registration link and event code in order to register for one of the dates listed. Only Westminster applicants may take the ISEE on-site.

PK3—4th grade tests will be scheduled on a rolling basis upon completion of application.
如上述日期不方便, you may choose to take the ISEE 入学 test at other testing facilities (open test sites).

如欲查询其他地点,请按 在这里

如果你在别处参加ISEE考试, please remember to designate WCS to receive a copy of the report. WCS的校规是:


Testing will be scheduled by the Elementary Office after all of the application documentation has been received by the 入学 Office. All Preschool - Grade 4 testing is conducted on a one-to-one basis in person.

The fee for testing is included in the application fee for PK3 - Grade 4 only. 

5 - 11年级:入学考试

The 入学 Office will contact you with your registration link and event code, which will enable you to register for your preferred date. ISEE入学考试的费用是 $150, 如果在指定日期在澳门新奥门新葡新京参加考试. The fee is paid directly to ISEE at the time of registration. 

(This is a separate fee from your application fee. If testing at another location, the fee may vary.)

所有测试都是在线的, and we will provide the student with the Microsoft Surface computer for testing. 我们不提供纸笔测试.



我们感谢你对澳门新奥门新葡新京的兴趣! Our 入学 team is always ready to assist you. Please contact us at 305-233-4027 if you have any questions.



  • Q: 什么是ISEE?

    The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is an admission test created by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) which was founded in 1927 at Columbia University. ERB is the oldest and largest independent school testing agency in the nation.
    The ISEE is a multiple choice test in Verbal Reasoning, 定量推理, 阅读理解, 数学成绩. 还会有作文提示.
  • Q: 我如何报名参加考试?

    一旦申请了 to 澳门新奥门新葡新京, the 入学 Office will contact you with available dates for the 入学 entrance exam. The 入学 Office will provide your INVITATION CODE, which will enable you to register for the ISEE exam held at 澳门新奥门新葡新京. 请在网上登记:

    考试费用是150美元.00. (You may decide to take the exam at another location, but please remember to designate 澳门新奥门新葡新京 as a recipient for your score.) The SCHOOL CODE FOR WESTMINSTER CHRISTIAN IS: 571054.

    Check in is at 7:30 on the morning of the exam. 不接待迟到者.
  • Q: 我在哪里考试有关系吗?

    No, 你可以在一个开放的考试中心参加考试, but please make sure that you designate 澳门新奥门新葡新京 as a recipient by entering our 学校代码571054.
  • Q: 我需要带什么东西去考试吗?

    The test will be taken online with our Surface Pro computers provided by Westminster.  请带口罩, 毛衣或运动衫, 以防房间太冷, 还有一个零食/水瓶.
  • Q: 考试需要多长时间?

    ISEE Lower Level is for students who are candidates for Grades 5-6 and this test will take 140 minutes. (two hours and 20 minutes)  ISEE Middle and Upper levels are for candidates who are applicants for Grades 7-11 and this test will take 160 minutes. (2小时40分钟)
  • Q: 我该如何准备考试?

    The best way to prepare for the test is to review the “在ISEE上可以期待什么” section of the 网站.  This site will review test-taking strategies and provide online practice questions.
  • Q: How will my scores be reported to the schools?

    At the time of registration, you may designate schools to receive your scores.  This service is included in the registration fee.  请输入澳门新奥门新葡新京密码 (571054) 把你的分数送到澳门新奥门新葡新京.  Scores will be sent to both the school and the parent 3-5 days after taking the online test.
  • Q: My child has an accommodation to receive extended time on exams.  这是如何处理的?

    Westminster does not offer ISEE with accommodations. 然而, 
    in order to receive accommodations for an ISEE 入学 test, please contact ISEE directly for a list of available facilities. 请注意ISEE要求 5周 to review and approve all accommodation requests.

    Students requesting ISEE accommodations will submit the required paperwork to ERB for review/approval at least 5周 in advance of a test date.   ERB will require a copy of the supporting documentation which details the specific accommodation (Psychoeducational report, 等电位点, 等. 日期在过去3年内). 

    The family may first apply to Westminster, and then contact ISEE to request accommodation approval. ISEE will then email the family with further instructions required for them to review and approve the accommodation for the admission test. 一旦获得批准, ISEE will assist the family in locating a test site that offers the test with accommodations.
  • Q: What should I do if I need to cancel my test date?

    If for some reason you will not be taking the ISEE after registering for it, 有重新安排的费用. For cancellation, t在这里 is a  cancellation fee if you cancel one day or more before the test date. In addition, t在这里 is no refund if you cancel on or after the test date.

    You may request the change or cancellation by calling the ISEE Operations Office at 1-800-446-0320.